10 Thoughts I Have About My Desk While Sitting at My Desk

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junk drawer

1. I should really get a fern. Nah, I’d just kill it.

2. One day, I’m going to put Band-Aids in this drawer.

3. Do these casebooks make me look like a law student instead of a lawyer? Should I organize them by color? What do real lawyers have on their bookshelves?

4. One day, I’m going to put a nail file in this drawer.

5. Can anyone walking past see that I just took my shoes off?

6. One day, I’m going to put hair ties in this drawer.

7. Is this too many post-its on my computer screen? How do real lawyers remember passwords and filing dates?

8. One day, I’m going to put Chapstick in this drawer.

9. Diplomas. So cliche.

10. One day, I’m going to take the junk food out of this drawer.

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  • CSM

    She’s a standup comic? This isn’t even chick funny.

  • http://www.robertreeveslaw.com/locations/los-angeles-county/los-angeles-truck-accident-lawyer Robert Reeves

    This post made me laugh. As a fellow lawyer, I have definitely thought a couple of these things. Thanks for the post!