Bitter News, 2-13-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, so you can kill some time before you pretend to love the My Pet Lawyer that you’re inevitably getting for Valentine’s Day: Late this week, 828 lawyers were told “This is the end of the road for you, dawg.” Just like that.  Randy Jackson delivered the layoff news to each of them.  And that’s …

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Bitter News, 2-12-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom because I’m sure you’re feeling a little un-stimulated: Tina Turner sang it best: We don’t need another hero.  South Carolina police have been arresting anyone they can get their cuffs on who was affiliated with the picture of Michael Phelps taking hits from the bong.  Hm, maybe Cypress Hill sang it best.  “Home skillet, …

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Valentine S.O.S.

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[Ed. Note: To best help Bitter Lawyers plan for what is potentially the most bitter holiday of the year, we turned to Todd Hawkins, President and Chief Concierge of The Todd Group, for some expert advice on how to survive—and score—this Valentine’s Day.] Valentine’s Day is an important holiday.  Period.  If you mess it up, there are repercussions. Unlike Groundhog …

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Bitter News, 2-11-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom to distract you from riding the chutes of Wall Street: Julie Kamps got burned at Fried, Frank, and now she’s trying to roast them right back.  She filed a complaint about there not being any gay partners at the firm and for not developing its female talent.  She probably should have griped about the …

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Strippers and Ghosts

Matthew Richardson Columns, Lawyer 20 Comments

Somewhere between Crystal’s pole routine and me drizzling her body with my Kettle Tonic, I started writing down the names of everyone firm-related actually at the Hustler Club that night.  It was me, an eighth-year associate we’ll call Josh, and a pretty awesome first-year we’ll call Maurice.  Then, I added our client’s name to the list, who we’ll call David …

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Bitter News, 2-10-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, so put down that SI Swimsuit Issue already: In a bad economy, even prisoners are losing their positions.  Judges rule that California has to reduce the penitentiary population by 57,000. [WSJ Law Blog] It’s Washington’s version of the golden parachute.  To avoid surviving on the pittance of government salaries while in office, many taking …

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Deidre Dare and the Era of Deidre

Bitter Staff Interviews, Lawyer 31 Comments

[Ed. Note: Legal gossip hounds certainly know the name Deidre Dare. She’s the former Allen & Overy senior associate living in Moscow who was terminated for publishing portions of her novel, Expat, online. But for those who were actually working over the past few weeks, the details are best summarized in The Times Online and We recently caught up …

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