Bitter Brief, ep. 02: Superman's Citizenship, Choking the Goat in Florida, and Alec Baldwin

Bitter Brief Columns, Lawyer 5 Comments

[powerpress] First, we tackle the controversial subject of the ultimate anchor baby’s immigration status. Next, our Bitter Lawyer of the Week goes from hero to zero. And, if you’ve ever had an urge to “choke the goat” in Florida while your pants are on the ground, we’ll tell you why that’s a bad idea in our Lawsuits & Legislation of the Week. Finally, Alec Baldwin stars …

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Why BigLaw Associates Should Listen to Me

C. Hank Peters Big Legal Brain, Columns, Lawyer 9 Comments

At conferences throughout the year, I’m often pigeonholed by attendees, who look at my name and ask me this question: “Who the fuck are you?”  After I explain who I am and I buy a few rounds of drinks, people start talking to me. After a few more drinks, I tell them why my advice for solo attorneys should be …

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Bill Chais, Part 2: More On Franklin & Bash, the Wizard of Oz, and His Bromance with Jimmy Woods

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 4 Comments

We continue our interview with Bill Chais, co-creator of Franklin & Bash. So far, Bill has worked as a writer and producer on many successful shows and is finally getting a much-deserved opportunity to show viewers his vision of a law firm buddy dramedy. Read on for what it feels like to actually sell something in the room, what sold …

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Bill Chais: On Franklin & Bash, the Wizard of Oz, and His Bromance with Jimmy Woods

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 10 Comments

You’ve probably seen those new promos for Franklin & Bash on TNT—with Zach Morris and the guy from Clueless in a hot tub wearing suits—and wondered what those guys are doing on a TNT, the network whose slogan is “we know drama.” Well, Bill Chais succeeded in his lifelong quest to bring bromance to your television. Along with his co-creator …

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Bitter Brief, ep. 01: Prince, Tacos, Strip Clubs, and Swearing

Bitter Brief Columns, Lawyer 9 Comments

[powerpress] Bitter Lawyer is proud to present its latest foray into mass media domination with the Bitter Brief podcast! Bitter lawyers Kimber and Mark, the infamously irreverent hosts of the Down By Lawcast will bring their own special brand of legal humor to you each week! In this week’s inaugural outing, the Bitter Brief takes on the Purple One’s controversial views on …

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Pippa Middleton, Thank You For Restoring My Will to Live

Law Firm 10 Columns, Law Firm 10, Lawyer 15 Comments

Eleven months have passed since my last post, which is more than enough time for a funny, attractive, intelligent, and sometimes-sexy girl to meet and successfully seduce a potential husband. Yet I’m certain that no one envisions a brand new three-carat ring twinkling on my left hand as I type this post. So it’s no surprise, then, that I’m still …

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