Bitter Brief 08: Trial by Combat, Epic Resignations, and Schooling Mr. Law School

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[powerpress] In this week’s installment of the Bitter Brief, Kimber tries, and fails, to convince Mark of the merits of Game of Thrones-style “trial by combat,” Namby Pamby’s fantasies about quitting his job in epic fashion inspire us to discuss our own “take this job and shove it” moments, and, once again, Mr. Law School gets schooled. Subscribe to the Bitter Brief …

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From the Archives: How Not to Sleep with a Summer Associate

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“My favorite time of year has arrived. Late spring. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the skirts are short and the 2010 Summer Program is around the corner. As we all know, I struggle to resist the temptation of luring a hot female summer back to my lair for a night of meaningless sex.” How Not to Sleep …

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Bitter Brief 07: Obama on Weinergate, Forever 21 Sends Stupid Letters, Jobs, and Bar Exam Prep

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[powerpress] On this week’s Bitter Brief, we ask ourselves why Obama got his hands on Weinergate. We also discuss the joys of cease and desist letters—complete with French accents—as Forever 21 takes on its biggest critic. And finally, we have anecdotal evidence that the job market still sucks, and advice for any listeners deep in the throes of bar exam …

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