I Know Why The Caged Weiner Tweets

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Full disclosure—pun entirely unintentional—I was once the (horrified) recipient of a (mostly) unsolicited picture text of a man’s junk. In light of the recent prevalence of news coverage on the Wiener2 scandal, I’m feeling as if the universe is calling on me to share my experience, lest any similarly-situated women fall prey to the same tragedy.

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Mr. Law School Hits the Red Carpet at P. Diddy's All-Star Event

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Celebrities need lawyers on a constant basis, for everything from from drunk driving to battery charges to jewelry theft to million-dollar contracts. They seem to always be front-page center, breaking the law—and who is standing right next to them in the picture? Their lawyer, of course. As we continue “The Best of Mr. Law School,” lets take a look at …

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Optimize Office Signage to Advance in the Firm

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These days, branding is everything—all the way down to what sign you have on your desk and outside your office. Or what sign you can hang on someone else. If through pure hard work you are still having trouble advancing in the firm, consider optimizing your office signage to increase your brand value to the firm. Here’s how.

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Bitter Brief 06: Mr. Law School's Study Buddies and Advice on Trying to Make Ends "Meat"

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[powerpress] In this week’s wieneriffic installment of The Bitter Brief, Mark weighs in with his take on Weinergate (not to mention tips on making one’s penis look its best on camera!), Kimber reads the riot act to Mr. Law School for his questionable counsel on picking study buddies, and we offer a counterpoint to Ex-Bitter’s advice to a young attorney who is …

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