Top 5 Hobbies for Big Firm Associates

C. Hank Peters Big Legal Brain, Lawyer 7 Comments

Many big firms today take pride from employing well-rounded associates who can fit in at the opera just as easily as at the theatre. But outside of the traditional activities of a highly-paid professional, what are good hobbies for big firm associates? What should they do to burn off the extra half-hour at the end of the week? Competitive eating and …

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Bitter Brief 13: Meet Your Bar Exam Neighbors

Bitter Brief Columns, law school, Lawyer 2 Comments

[powerpress] The bar exam is over–for most people–so now we offer our own take on the types of people you meet at the bar exam. Also, our discussion of Kymberly Wimberly’s valedictory denial devolves into a very personal exploration of Kimber’s own salutatory struggles. Click here to subscribe to The Bitter Brief on iTunes!

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General Counsel Aren't the Only Ones Who Are Overpaid

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer 7 Comments

After the recent release of the list of highest paid general counsel, we though it would be appropriate to put money making in perspective. Some our readers may now think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, hope for a future of riches.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re way less likely to …

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Bitter News, Week of July 25th, 2011

Bitter Newsroom law school, Lawyer, News & Views Leave a Comment

Here are your headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, where we paint reality. One Man’s Squatter is Another’s Possessor: In honor of bar exam week, we kick off with this delightful attempt at textbook adverse possession happening in Texas. The man learned that the Lone Star State requires only three years and, finding an abandoned home in foreclosure with a bankrupt mortgage …

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Howard Stern Wack Packer "Elegant" Suing for $21 Million

Mr. Law School Lawyer, Video 3 Comments

We sat down with Howard Stern Wack Packer “Elegant” Elliot Offen and talked about his $21 million dollar lawsuit against a Miami hotel for malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Elegant claims that he was a guest at the hotel and that while in the hotel lobby he was thrown out because he was dressed as a woman.

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