Bitter Brief 10: Diversity, Twitter, and Casey Anthony

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[powerpress] The long weekend is over, and Kimber is much the worse for wear after her birthday celebration goes awry, Mark takes the legal profession to task for its shameful lack of meaningful diversity, we have a titter over the Fox Twitter controversy, and our Casey Anthony verdict predictions turn out to be way off target. Subscribe to the Bitter Brief on iTunes!

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Celebs and Prenups

Gianna Scatchell Columns, Lawyer 9 Comments

Love will conquer all … well, everything except a good divorce attorney. Hollywood marriages are as fleeting as the season’s fashion trends. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people prior to marriage where various terms including property distribution and spousal support are spelled out if the marriage ends in divorce. Prenups are often touted as “unromantic”—but then again, …

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I'm a Coxswain in a Boatful of Nuds

Ex-Bitter Columns, Lawyer 6 Comments

QI’m a fifth year associate at a large firm and suddenly dealing with the new summer associates. It’s not like prior summers, where I’d mingle, have lunch, show them some insider tricks. This summer I’ve been put in charge of a group of five associates, making sure they are shuttled through all the processes and get a better understanding of …

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