12 Things I Hate About Small Firm Practice

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After almost five years of epic BigLaw drudgery and misery, I finally decided it was time to choose lifestyle over status and pay. In other words, I joined a small firm, a/k/a “a litigation boutique.” Trouble is, I’m realizing that my decision was completely flawed because it was based on the faulty assumption that the small firm I was joining …

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Bitter News, Week of August 8th, 2011

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Here are your headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, where we bounce back! Why Lawyer Pay Will Shrink: Reverse auctions are driving Biglaw rates down as large firms anonymously submit quotes for a jobs posted by major companies. With the increased number of lawyers being dumped into the market graduating each year, it seems like this may be a trend with legs. Whoops, forgot to …

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Is the Doctrine of Adverse Possession Making a Comeback?

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Adverse possession was one of the only real property subjects I could tolerate. But every time I read a case, I just could not help but wonder, “who actually would leave their house?” Enter the Housing Crisis of 2008, and homes became the proverbial hot potato with people trying to pass the keys. Enter Kenneth Robinson, a man who purchased …

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