Legal Humor Roundup for December 1, 2011

Bitter Bartender Lawyer, News & Views

A round of drinks to legal humor blogsters chosen for the ABA’s Top 100 Blawgs. Now get back to work. We’ve got Lowering the Bar’s take on the discipline of the lawyer who sought a “secretary with benefits” (and Kimber and Mark discussed that earlier today on Bitter Brief). Plus, making legal professionalism funny—or at least interesting—and Namby Pamby watches …

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Five Gifts Not to Give an Unemployed Lawyer for Christmas

Bitter Vault Best of Bitter Lawyer, Lawyer

When birthdays and holidays roll around, a lawyer’s friends and family are often left wondering what to get someone who already has everything—or at least everything the lawyer can generally buy. This year, however, there’s a good chance people will be trying to pick out the perfect gift for the lawyer who has nothing—or at least nothing new since finding …

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