Our 5 Favorite Lawyer Videos on YouTube

With the launch of YouTube in 2005, lawyers were not far behind in posting cheesy law firm videos. And they continue to post them at an alarming rate, churning out the good, the bad, and the embarrassingly ugly. We recently gave our intern a laptop and a dial-up modem and asked her to search through years of YouTube videos to find the best. The result? Our top five lawyer YouTube videos. While far from perfect, they are definitely full of VHS awesomeness. Enjoy.

“Machete:” Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman

YouTube has launched (or buried) the basement studio careers of wannabe comedians spoofing personal injury attorneys. There’s literally hundreds of fake shyster attorney videos. Thing is, the best one is a real commercial for a real firm, New York based Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman. And not only one, but a whole series of videos dealing with devastating personal injuries. We picked “Machete,” one of our favorites.

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  • Will Hornsby

    These are good ones. You might add to the list Jim Hammer, the Texas Screwdriver.

    • http://bitterempire.com Gregory D. Luce

      Thanks. We looked at his, and even looked at a few of spoofs of his. Good stuff.

  • Ellen

    I do NOT like it when we women are OBJECTIVISED! We should be used for our BRAINS not our boddies. To many men just think of us for sex and that is NOT good.

    I say no more of this for women! We must be thougt of for our minds!

    • Alan T.

      WTF? Objectified? The only thing objectified here are lawyers. Oh, and squirrels. Or are you talking about the ladies in the 007 video?

      • Quadoz

        Alan you’re wasting your time. This site is all trolls Ellen and GD being the worst of the bunch. This site has always had a few trolls. Now, it has taken over and become old-hat.


        City Cop by Midnight, Rookie Lawyer by Day

  • Mike

    Good videos but they’re all a pale imitation of the original crazy man, Jim “the HAMMER” Shapiro.

    • Sam Glover

  • jim chalmers

    Chicago band JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound did a hilarious take on these commercials for their music video “Everything Will Be Fine