5 Things to Do with Kids at the Office

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If you live north of Tulsa, your brood of kids may be at home, school cancelled because of extreme cold, as in 200 degrees below zero with a wind chill that makes your arms fall off. If you find no alternative but to bring your 3 or 5 or 6 kids to the office, there is hope to keep them busy, you sane and productive, and your work colleagues mildly intrigued. Here are five creative things to do with the kids at the office.

Annotate Your Work Product . . . with Drawings


Honestly, no one reads anything anymore, especially if printed on paper, so why not draft up some legal documents, leave some room on the margins, and let your kids go nuts with crayons and markers. Have them address the envelope, walk it down to the mailroom or post office or whatever is applicable, and mail it, making sure they also complete an Affidavit of Service before doing so (which seems to be the way lawyers manage time travel). After that, extoll them about the “olden days” of practicing law. Y’know, when you could mail a letter and get a few days respite from that blowbag you call opposing counsel.

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