Bitter Vault: 6 Classes You Take Every Semester

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No matter what semester it is, what year you are, what class or graduation requirements exist, pretty much every law student ends up in the same six classes each semester. Even if you aren’t taking six different courses, chances are pretty good you’re currently enrolled in all of the below. [Note: these classes are not mutually exclusive.]

  1. That one class that’s way more work than it should be. Maybe it’s a required class or a bar class or something that you (incorrectly) assumed that it would be all memorization or little advance preparation. Or maybe it’s a class offered every semester but this time it’s a new professor with a new textbook so there are no outlines from the previous semester available. Whatever the situation, just thinking of doing all the requisite work makes you sigh dramatically and roll your eyes.
  2. That one class you find a way to slack off in, big time. This is the opposite of #1. Maybe you just discovered, or maybe you got really lucky and CaseBriefs even has briefs keyed to your textbook. Maybe you got someone’s old outline who CALI-ed the class, or at least someone who did better than you would on your own. Or, maybe it’s just a slow, easy-going professor. The only negative of this class is that it isn’t available every semester.
  3. That one class you take because you’re interested in it. If you’re like me, you try to take at least one class a semester that interests you in a perverted attempt at keeping your sanity. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it ends up being #1.
  4. That one class you’re required to take/bar exam. If you’re a 1L, all of your classes are required. If you’re a 2L, about half of your classes are required. If you’re a 3L, you’re probably loading up on bar classes. In any semester, this makes up the majority of your classes, something no one is ever particularly pleased about.
  5. That one class that always runs late. Somehow this happens every, single, class period. Every single day, as if every single day is Groundhog Day for the professor. “What? We’re out at 12:45? Oh. Well it looks like I’ve run a little bit late. Let me just finish up this one last point.” For some reason this professor usually forgets by the next class period that he or she held the class late explaining that one last point and will then begin the next class period re-explaining that last point. And end it by running late yet again.
  6. The one that drags on forever. You’re almost in legitimate belief that the course exists in a time warp, because it feels like you’ve been sitting in the classroom for the entire day, when the most it could have been is 75 minutes. You look at the clock every 3 minutes, with no idea of how you’re only 15 minutes into the class when it feels like 50. Typically happens with dry, rule based classes beneficial to bar passage. If you are horribly unlucky, this class will also be a bit of #5.

Enjoy that class load, everyone. Just like going back to school and the beginning of every other semester, nothing is changing this time.

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