6 Reasons for 3Ls to be Happy They Still Don't Have a Job

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It’s the last year of law school and you still don’t have a paying job lined up for after graduation. Sure, you knew the market was tough going into this show, but you were going to be different. You were going to stand out. Employers were going to see that special twinkle in your eye and snatch you up before all of the others. Okay, well you were wrong that. And now the pressure is on and you’re starting to really feel it. Don’t worry though, there are still lots of reasons to be happy.

1. You’re selective.

Yes, you could have sent out your resume to every job listing on your school’s Symplicity site (even the ones that pay less than $5.00/hour), like those other money-obsessed, materialistic fools you’re forced to go to class with, but that wouldn’t be in line with your calling. Remember, you’re here to help the oppressed and downtrodden, not to line your pockets. Besides, you just know that when you land that dream job providing legal advice to the campaign to save the American Mosquito (it may not be endangered yet but you can never be too careful) it will all be worth it, no matter how many years of unemployment it takes.

2. Desperation is the best motivation.

Any football fan knows that one of the keys to a team’s success is making sure that it peaks at the right time. It’s no good going 16-0 only to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Try viewing law school the same way. The desperation you’re feeling about not having a job lined up is excellent motivation to finally start paying attention in class. While everyone else is coasting, you can put together an impressive run thanks to the grading curve. Play your cards right in interviews and maybe you can convince someone that those last two semesters are more accurate of your potential than the rest of your academic career. However you slice it, not having a job lined up can really help elevate your legal scholarship. Besides, you’ve never really liked sleep all that much anyway.

3.  More opportunities to dress up in a suit.

No matter who you are, there’s at least a little bit of fun to be had in channeling your inner Barney Stinson and suiting up. It’s not like anyone’s going to notice that you’ve only got one suit, and that mustard stain is so small that the interviewer will never see it, right?

4. All those extra interviews mean more practice.

Remember kids, most recently hired means the first to be fired. When the economy takes another nosedive because of Obamney’s economic policies you’re going to have a leg up on all those people who got jobs right off the bat because you’ll have had time to polish your interview skills. Best not to think about the implications of the fact that being able to interview well is rapidly becoming the most important job skill in our modern economy.

5. The rest of the law school doesn’t hate you.

The camaraderie with your fellow classmates is worth far more than any job could ever be, right? No? Well then how about the ability to walk the halls of your law school without absorbing pure hatred from the 80% of your class who still don’t have job offers? Right now if you’re a 3L with a job waiting for you after graduation you’ve got a better chance of getting Justice Thomas to talk during oral arguments than you have of getting help from a classmate on any law school project. Those of us without jobs can still count on the goodwill of our fellow students. This will be useful next year when we’re broke and couch surfing because we don’t have jobs.

6. You’ve been accepted into your school’s tax LL.M. program and don’t need to worry about a job until next year.

Congratulations, you’re living the dream! Go ahead and laugh at all the stress everyone else is going through, foolishly confident that future you will handle the problem just fine. Try not to think about how much more that extra year is going to add to your student loan debt.

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