7 Accusations Thrown at Public Interest Attorneys

LOL cat 2Are you a public interest lawyer? Do you know any? If yes to either question, then here are some accusations that should be readily familiar to you.

  1. Not being a real lawyer. Oh, dude, I am most definitely real. I have the documentation if you need it.
  2. Not calling a client back. I did, it’s just that your phone was disconnected/I didn’t want to leave a voicemail on your cousin’s home phone/you haven’t set up your mailbox/your mailbox is full/you called twenty times between midnight and 4AM and I wasn’t in the office.
  3. Playing tricky games with the opposition. I just gave you a copy of the Constitution, telling you that you can’t do the thing you tried to do.
  4. Trying to ruin society. I’m just trying to help people. Do you need a copy of the Constitution, too?
  5. Not being good enough for a “real” job.  Nonsense. Public interest jobs are what every law school applicant writes about wanting to practice, and only a choice few actually have the fortitude to follow through.
  6. Just doing it for the money. Hahahahahahahahahaha LOL CATS.
  7. Having a messy desk. Guilty as charged.
  • Daphne Macklin

    funny enough but the picture of the cat with the lewd caption, no not really.

  • John Byrnes

    The cat is the funniest….