7 Awesome Lawyerly Etsy Gifts for Valentine’s

In December we put together a finely curated list of lawyer gifty things available on Etsy. It was a hit with readers and lawyers, one of which at least received the 1958 Legal Secretary’s Handbook. With St. Valentine’s Day approaching, Etsy remains a fantastic place to find that perfect homemade or artisanal gift for your special lawyerly someone. While most of the gifts we highlighted in December are, surprisingly, still available, here are seven more Etsy gifty things for people who happen to be tangentially related to the law.

Lady Justice Terrarium Accessory

lady-justice-terrarium-closeupIf your loved one is into justice and jarred turtles and mossy things, a Justice is Blind Lady Justice Terrarium Accessory may be just the thing. As the seller happily explains “Put your terrarium on your desk at work with this little figure inside, and be transported to a more peaceful place. All your co-workers will smile when they see this little scene. The tiny figure is about 1″ tall.” While considering this piece, check out all the other tiny people terrarium accessories, like miniature punk rocker terrarium dude. $18.95.

  • Krystal

    Somehow we just saw this so we wanted to stop by and say thanks for including our two-hole punch in your article. It’s still available for purchase if anybody’s interested. :)