7 More Famous Law School Dropouts

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We posted our 11 Famous Law School Dropouts nearly three years ago and it’s been a hit, becoming one of our most popular posts of all time. Then, as now, we asked the question:

Whatever became of the law school drop out? You know, the guy who just stopped showing up to Criminal Law one day, or the woman who got up to go to the bathroom during Contracts and never came back—where did they go?

Well, here are seven more to feel good about.

Paul Simon

simon-garfunkel-1957According to Paul Simon: The Definitive Biography, Simon attended Brooklyn Law School in the fall of 1963, during which time he got back together with old friend Art Garfunkel, began to work on “The Sounds of Silence,” and essentially launched his music career. Our guess is he stunk up torts class pretty badly and didn’t come through with his outline. Prior to enrolling in the fall, Simon did what most upper-middle-class graduates used to do: bounce around Europe for a few months.

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  • Guano Dubango

    Didn’t Fellini direct a number of pictures where people ran around naked? I guess law school could not provide him with this kind of excitement.

  • AC

    Joshua Redman, the savant jazz saxophonist, graduated summa from Harvard and was accepted to Yale Law. He deferred entrance for a year to gig around NYC, but never enrolled. He’s my nomination for the Narrowly Avoided Law School Indebtedness list.