7 Passive-Aggressive Ways to Prove You Are Working Hard

Being a lawyer means working insane hours in an office, to keep up with billable hours or the workload or the opposition. What good are all those hours if you aren’t getting credit for them? Yes, you are getting paid, but you also deserve acknowledgement from co-workers. Here’s a few ways to get those kudos with passive-aggressive flair!

  1. Send emails at 1:04AM on a Tuesday, 8:42PM on a Saturday, and 12:33PM on any workday when everyone else is out to lunch.
  2. Constantly ask others if they caught the Superbowl or the Oscars, since you missed it while you were at work.
  3. Run “rough drafts” through your boss three weeks before deadline.
  4. Whenever a co-worker asks about the family picture on your desk, say you keep it there “to remember what they look like.”
  5. Constantly mention how much coffee you drink.
  6. Leave enough food in the fridge to feed a family of four for a month, and only eat at off hours, so you don’t have to compete for the microwave.
  7. Leave your office light on ALL THE TIME.


  • http://www.blackhawkinvestigations.co.uk Dominika Jaskiewicz

    A classic trick is also to leave clothes, especially jackets and shoes around your desk at all times, that way, no one can be sure if you have actually left for the day/night/weekend, you can always say you popped out for a break.

  • Craig

    Nice article. Very funny

  • Reg

    My immediate reaction to the graphic accompanying this article: “5:30 isn’t late?”

    I guess that’s the one perk of small firm life. If I’m still in the office 5:00, I’ve fucked up somewhere during the day.