9 Sues 6: Other Multiples of Three Choose Sides

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Last week, Lowering the Bar did an interesting piece on the law suit between Magic Hat Brewing Company and West Sixth Brewing Company. Apparently there has been some wrangling recently between the two companies. Magic Hat claims that West Sixth’s logo is to easily confused with the logo Magic Hat uses for its flagship beer #9.

On first glance the two logos do not look very similar. One is green and yellow. One is red and yellow. One features a six and a star. One features a nine and a pound sign. Why on earth would the Magic Hat think people be confused? Well, put yourself in their shoes…

Magic Hat brewery is located in Burlington, Vermont. If you are unfamiliar with that part of the country, let me educate you. The climate in Burlington features an average temperature of no degrees… ever. The local folks consider it a “sunny day” when the clouds part long enough to give their marijuana crop a enough sun to live another week. The primary food groups of the Burlington native are Ben and Jerry’s, Coffee, LSD, and Phish festivals.

So it is only to be expected that a random poll of people wandering down Church Street on the way to the Radio Bean wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two logos any better than a Rabbi would be able to tell the difference between arur Haman and baruch Mordecai on Purim.

So as outsiders, we can all see that Magic Hat may be on the losing end of this lawsuit. But we shouldn’t judge them too harshly. They must really believe in their cause to risk being found in violation of Burlington’s ordinance against “being a buzz kill.” They could be facing sanctions as sever as having to wear shoes for a day, or exile to Winooski.

If you’re interested in more details about the lawsuit. Check out this article on

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