A Bad Call on So Many Levels

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Local media are reporting that earlier this week, in an attempt to test the boundaries of his own criminal ineptitude, a man in Salinas, California stole a truck, only to be carjacked at gunpoint later that day. The Salinas authorities explained that a man named Edward Bishop told police that he stole a pick-up truck late Saturday night, and while idling in the truck the next day at—where else?—a 7-11, a carjacker hopped in, aimed a gun at Bishop and ordered him to ride around. Apparently, it was a short ride, because the truck ran out of gas, and even though the carjacker “ordered Bishop to push the truck,” Bishop ran away and—yes—called the police. Sources with the Salinas police have been unable to confirm whether Bishop, a professed long-time fan of the Olsen twins, demanded immunity before reporting the crime.  [The Californian]

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