Alec Baldwin: A Promise Best Kept to Yourself

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In reports that have surely sent a ripple of anticipation through the halls of law libraries nationwide, it has just been announced that Alec Baldwin’s new authoritative text on family law, “A Promise to Ourselves,” is set to hit the shelves September 23. Billed as a practical text on the topic of “family relationships,” Baldwin’s publisher explains that “using a very personal approach, he offers practical guidance to help others avoid the anguish he has endured.” Topics examined in the book apparently include prenuptial agreements, divorce strategies, attorneys, mediation versus trial, custody and visitation how-tos, co-parenting, and the political influence on the family law system.

And what, you may be wondering, necessarily qualifies the actor to write a practical guide on family law, aside from, of course, recently breaking up with practicing attorney Nicole Seidel and playing a prosecutor in the 1996 hit film, Ghosts of Mississippi? Well, according to his publisher, he has been “extensively involved in divorce litigation, and he has witnessed the way that noncustodial parents, especially fathers, are often forced to abandon hopes of equitable rights when it comes to their children.”

Hm. While we have no doubt that Baldwin is no stranger to the ins and outs of all things divorce-related, we can’t help but wonder when actors everywhere will please just stop pretending they’re experts on things they don’t actually understand. It’s bad enough that we have to suffer through their ramblings on politics; now we have to hear how they’re legal experts, too? Please, for the love of god, just stick to what you know. And in case you were wondering, no, having a heart attack doesn’t make you a thoracic surgeon, either. [Macmillan and NY Post]

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