• Ellen

    I am NOT sure that I understand this.

    Is this suposed to be funny?

    There is a associate that does tax here, but he also does alot of subpenas also.

    I am not sure to many people will understand this.

  • FL Lawyer

    If you’ve never played Zork, or another text-based game, then you probably won’t get it. Personally, I thought this was hilarious, although a bit short.

  • Jennifer

    FL Lawyer is right, if you haven’t played this type of game, then you won’t get it because you don’t have a frame of reference. I played many Zork games and other text based adventures and I agree, short, but hilarious! (Also, most of these games existed in the 80s and early 90s, so there are probably a number of people that never encountered them).

    • Guano Dubango

      I would like for you to teach me how to play Zork. I am a very quick study!