About Skolnick and Being a Doc Review Sniper

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Doc review gunners often race through documents, literally shortening the length of a doc review project. So when Skolnick in Episode 3 explains that he wants to be a “sniper” and snipe his way to the top—whatever that top could possibly be—Tim complains to him that he’s just “taking money out of our pockets.” Throughout the season, you will see dreamers like Tim try to work around Skolnik and his conniving ways.

I don’t publicly advocate for going slow deliberately in doc review. But it’s financially self-destructive to go faster than realistically required. Skolnik doesn’t care. Like all gunners, he has no desire to make friends, having learned long ago that he is unpopular. Skolinick is a Cooley graduate, where he was barely top half—and even his dad won’t hire him. Gunners often attempt to make it seem like they are in the top tier intellectually. That is NEVER the case. As best as I can tell, gunners like Skolnick used to be hall monitors in high school.

Rob O’Reilly plays Skolnick. Rob is one of my closest friends in the comedy scene, and we go back a way. He could probably tell you some really horrific stories about me, and vice versa. Amazingly, he’s been doing standup for close to ten years, yet he’s only 26. He was recently named one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch in 2012 by LA Weekly and has been on Last Comic Standing and The Tonight Show. Rob’s definitely a name to remember.

Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including character sketches of the dreamers, gunners, and lifers that make up document review.

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  • Guano Dubango

    I would do document review if I could be assured of having a pretty fyoung and fertile female attorney to “partner with” and proof documents. I would treat her very nicely, and even take her out for dinner and drinks. With any luck, she would be interested in returning to Ghana to meet my Aunt Ooona.

  • Mean Partner

    If I was mistreated at a Docreview, I’d go to an old junk shop for an ancient typewriter and create a hot document admitting all kinds of anti trust violations. Or maybe “just continue to conceal the dumping for another few years,” type of stuff. Sign it with an old fountain pen (same junk shop) and photo copy it a hundred times. After it was good and aged, I’d pay a hot dog vendor to insert the doc into a box of old documents (OK, I’d create the box too), and sit back to watch the fur fly.

    Wait. Is this wrong? OK I wouldn’t do it.

  • Ellen

    I am VERY pretty, and am NOT doing doc review, so I do not know why there is a pretty woman here doing doc review with these LOOSERS!


  • Mean Partner

    Don’t worry, Ellen. Word is she can type with no typos, puts out and wants your job. We’re going to introduce her to your supervising partner. Its DocRev or Guano for you at that point.

    • Guano Dubango

      I have first dibs for the blonde, rather than Ellen. We have never seen Ellen, and for all we know her fertility days are long behind her.

      I am willing to take a chance on the blonde on the theory that she is at least attractive and potentially fertile and will bear me issue. Who cares if she may not be at the top of her class. I would let her at least have a chance to be my wife, if my Aunt Ooona approved.