Addendum to 10 Funny Judicial Quotes

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Last month we brought you 10 Funny Judicial Quotes. Readers followed up with their favorites. It was a dandy time.

Now, Venkat Balasubramani brought to our attention via Twitter an opinion (PDF) from the Court of Appeal of California whereby the court gave valuable career advice to car thieves and lands itself in the newly-created Top Judicial Quotes standings on Bitter Lawyer:

We strongly discourage anyone from choosing crime as a career.  Nevertheless, as with any pursuit in life, one should be prepared. For instance, if you are planning to carjack someone, you should make sure you can drive a stick-shift. Defendant Anthony Jones and an accomplice tried to take Garrett Freitas’s car at gun point. The duo were apparently unaware that starting a manual transmission vehicle requires depression of the clutch pedal. Unable to start the car, defendant turned the gun on Freitas and ordered him to drive, converting what would have been a straightforward carjacking into attempted carjacking and kidnapping for purposes of robbery.

I drive a stick, but never thought of it as an anti-theft device. [Via Lowering the Bar] Post image from Shutterstock

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  • Jeff L

    That is possibly one of the funnies stories ever. My brother (he is an attorney) is going to love this one. Thanks!