Hollywood Paws: Almost Famous

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Hollywood was shaken to its core yesterday when, after two years of protracted litigation, a judge finally ruled that “Hollywood Paws,” an animal training academy and agency that “provides the tools and knowledge necessary to help animal actors and studio trainers become working professionals in the animal acting industry,” wasn’t to blame for the fact that its clients haven’t quite achieved the Hollywood fame and fortune they assumed was coming their way.

The saga began in 2006 when several former Paws students alleged that the “the company’s training and other services would guarantee some degree of fame or success in the entertainment industry,” which the plaintiffs apparently never attained, despite the company’s efforts at arranging job calls and auditions for them. The judge hearing the case was not convinced by the students’ plight, noting that Paws “performed their obligations owed to plaintiffs,” adding that the plaintiffs “knew that there was no guarantee of work when they signed their contracts…. [T]he defendants were putting forth the best good-faith effort they could. After all, they didn’t make or write the movies. They didn’t create the roles.”

There is no indication whether the students intend to appeal, although an anonymous source has indicated that it’s unlikely, given that they’re apparently hard at work preparing a new lawsuit against those real estate developers—you know, the ones from Utah? Who guaranteed them they’d totally be millionaires within the next six months if they signed up three people who signed up three people to buy portions of this amazing special land in Alaska?

Will keep you posted. [PRnine]

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