American Idol Causes More Than Just Your Ears To Bleed

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WPMT FOX43 of Central Pennsylvania reports that a Pennsylvania couple “stabbed one another during an argument over which contestant deserved to win ‘American Idol.’” Both Gregory Stambaugh, 57, and Karen Elaine Harrelson, 48 were being held at the fabulous York County Prison at the time the article was written. Apparently they were intoxicated at the time. How else could they be tolerating American Idol?

This case raises a number of interesting questions. First, is American Idol still on the air? I could have sworn it was cancelled after that angry British man was replaced by that woman from Aerosmith.

Second, what liability do the producers have for the stabbing in York County? Clearly, they’ve known or should have known that someone was going to act out violently after watching their program. I guess the real surprise is that these wounds were not self inflicted. Most observers of the show only threaten to puncture their own ear drums.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, maybe prison officials will establish phone lines so we can all call in and vote for which of these two to release first. I’m guessing Ryan Seacrest would be on board because I’m pretty sure he’s never said no to an opportunity to host anything.

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