An Offer You Can’t Refuse

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The media has recently been buzzing with news of NYU Law School’s crackdown on its students’ time-honored practice of offering to buy and sell their places in popular classes for cash, gifts, and other “inappropriate favors.” In the past couple of weeks, students have apparently posted ads on the school’s intranet forum along the lines of “WANT: Entertainment Law, Will Pay Cash,” and “I really want this class. I don’t have any classes to trade, so I’ll rely on the old capitalist standby, cash.”

But last week, the school’s administration openly condemned the practice when Vice Dean Liam Murphy called it “deplorable” and sent a mass email to the school’s 1,400 students, threatening punishment and “reminding them” that “trading class spots for money or goods, or offering to do so, is a violation of law school rules.”

While some students have expressed their frustration with the “cash-for-class system…since it favors rich students,” others have wisely realized that it’s not a matter of favoring rich law students; it’s a matter of favoring students who want to be rich lawyers. Vice Dean Murphy—a man who presumably never spent a day practicing as a real lawyer—may feel that “trading class spots for money” is “deplorable,” but there’s a whole group of people out there (commonly referred to as “clients”) who expect their lawyers to realize that a little ingenuity and, yes, extra cash, goes a long way.  It’s called capitalism.  Get over it. And get used it.  [NY Post]

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