An Ugly Divorce

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Divorces can be ugly, especially when “ugly” is the reason for the divorce in the first place. Jian Feng, living in Northern China, sued his wife when he found out that she had plastic surgery prior to meeting him. It may be old news in China, but Fox News recently resurfaced the story of an odd divorce that occurred in May 2012 and since its headline, it has gone viral.

In case you didn’t think the story was superficial enough, here’s the clincher: Feng realized something was up when he and his seemingly beautiful wife had a not-so-beautiful baby daughter. Feng was aghast, how could his daughter be *gasp* ugly when neither parent was unattractive? It just didn’t add up.

The baby was supposedly so ugly that Feng could not believe the baby was his. He accused his wife of having an affair, but what he found out was much worse: she had received boatloads (approximately $100,000 worth) of plastic surgery before he had ever met her.

When his loving, non-cheating wife showed him a picture of what she looked like pre-surgery as proof of her monogamist ways, he practically threw up in his mouth. Shortly after he filed for divorce, claiming that she used deception and false pretenses to trick him into marrying her.

The judge threw the case out immediately due to its shallow, obscure nature. Wait? What’s that? He didn’t? That’s right, the judge actually took on the case and awarded Feng compensation for the deception equal to $120,000 dollars.

That’s it. I’m never stepping foot in China…unless I become a divorce lawyer, of course.

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    haha is this true? I cant believe it!