Apathy Abounds for the 2L

I haven’t completed a REM cycle in at least three days. The normalcy of that statement almost concerns me. Despite the lack of sleep, I have no academic work done. Nothing to show for my sleepless and even-more-exhausted-than-usual existence. Except what feels to be the beginning of a nasty cold and the always alluring sickly look. The hooded eyes, pale skin but bright lips, and that “I can’t quite put my finger on how but I can tell you haven’t showered” glow. In a nutshell, I look good.

The perpetual anxiety of my first year was replaced at the beginning of my second with rampant apathy. The number of things I simply do not care about would be concerning if my indifference wasn’t overwhelming. Each night I have the best of intentions to complete all of my homework for the next two days, and then somehow it’s 11 p.m. and I have nothing to show for the evening. I convince myself I deserve an early night because I’m “so tired” and I’ll “be able to do work so much better when I’m well rested.” Then it’s 2 a.m. and I am tangled in my sheets, still conscious, restless, with a lengthy, undone, to-do list.

Being called on in class has become a game of charades where we impersonate people who have actually read the material, while we scramble to connect to the VPN and shaky school internet to pull up a case brief, regurgitated in our best attempt at our own words.

When it comes to school, my only feelings other than apathy are misery and anxiety. Misery is Apathy’s devoted side kick, taking over when Apathy has a date with Motivation and is gone for the evening. Anxiety knows better than to go head-to-head against Apathy, so it waits until Misery is in charge. Then it sneaks in, lurking around my thought periphery, and simmers under the surface until I cave to it in some academic capacity.

With finals arriving in less than a month, I may have to throw out a welcome mat for Anxiety. It’s about the only thing that lets me get anything done anymore.

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  • http://constitutionaldaily.com/index.php shadow hand

    This perfectly summarizes how I’ve been feeling all semester.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/TrustLiz Liz

    Did you write this about me? The scariest part is that I am not propelled forward by a deep desire to one day champion a cause or fight for equity, it is sheer anxiety forcing me to scream “uncle”and brief that 27 page case. I’m so tired. I’m so over it. I’m so broke. I’m not on a crusade for justice. In fact I truly believe I’ll be content to bottom feed in the realm of bankruptcy or collection law, but please God don’t make me finish this outline.

    My link didn’t work, of course I had to re-post.

  • Bitter 2L

    Ugh. So true. Law school is where happiness goes to die.

  • Ellen

    When I was a 2L, all the boys wanted to SLEEP with me. I did NOT even want to kiss them, why would I sleep with them.

    I did not have a BOYFRIEND in law school, b/c that would have made me sleep with a man. FOOEY!

  • Shrugging 2L

    I don’t know, guys. 2L year hasn’t really been that bad for me.

    • http://constitutionaldaily.com/index.php shadow hand

      You are the 1%.

  • lawkat12

    Wait until you’re a 3L