Wesley Snipes: Attorneys’ Fees Should Be the Least of Your Worries

Wesley Snipes just can’t catch a break these days. On top of being handed a three-year prison sentence earlier this year for willfully failing to file his income taxes, the actor is now being told that he must reimburse the government about $217,000 for prosecution costs related to his conviction. Snipes, who is in the process of appealing his prison sentence, has apparently “objected to the cost.”

While we agree that having to pay for the people who sent to you prison is indeed objectionable, we can’t help but ask the “Blade” star: How’d refusing to pay government-mandated fees work out for you last time, guy?  Last we checked, you’re trying to convince a court to let you out of having to go to prison for three years—maybe just stop complaining, pony up the 200K, and pray to God that you get some brownie points with the judge.  [HuffPost]