Stop–I Got Enough

Bitter and Abused Columns, Lawyer 25 Comments

This just in: Michael Jackson is dead. He’s been dead for more than a week. And guess what? He’s still dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.  Dead as a door knob. Dead like disco. I’ve wanted to yell this breaking news at my boss every day for the past week. But my boss is a judge and, apparently, a huge Michael Jackson …

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From Russian With Hate

Bitter and Abused Columns, Lawyer 16 Comments

This, I guess, is a Summer Associate abuse story, if that’s allowed.  I just finished my first year at a top-50 law school. The summer job hunt was brutal, and I didn’t get an “offer” until after my last final. But at least I got something—even if it only pays $11/hour to work at an insurance defense chop shop. No …

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Get Out of the Car

Bitter and Abused Columns, Lawyer 38 Comments

I am on a business trip with a Partner in an unfamiliar city.  We have a week of investigation at the client’s headquarters.  On the first day, Partner asks to borrow my cell phone to call and berate his wife for allowing him to forget his Blackberry, and he continues to use it extensively throughout the day.  At the end …

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