Partner to BL1Y: Associates are 'Self-Absorbed Egotists'

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[Ed. Note: The following is written by the same “38-year-old partner at a prestigious firm” who wrote “Partner to Associates: Stop Being ‘Entitled, Whiny Pussies,’” which we posted last Wednesday.  It is a response to “Associate to Partners: Shut Up About Us Being ‘Entitled’” by frequent Bitter Lawyer contributor BL1Y and posted last Friday.] You really missed the point, BL1Y.  …

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Partner to Associates: Stop Being 'Entitled, Whiny Pussies'

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[Ed. Note: This piece by a “38-year-old partner at a prestigious firm” resulted in a four-part impromptu Partner v. Associate debate with frequent Bitter Lawyer commenter BL1Y, who is a recently laid-off BigLaw associate.  The four parts can be read in this order: 1.  “Partner to Associates: Stop Being ‘Entitled, Whiny Pussies’” 2.  “Associate to Partners: Shut Up About Us …

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Valentine S.O.S.

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[Ed. Note: To best help Bitter Lawyers plan for what is potentially the most bitter holiday of the year, we turned to Todd Hawkins, President and Chief Concierge of The Todd Group, for some expert advice on how to survive—and score—this Valentine’s Day.] Valentine’s Day is an important holiday.  Period.  If you mess it up, there are repercussions. Unlike Groundhog …

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Be Funnier: A Guest Post from an Annoyed Reader

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It’s tough being a lawyer these days. Miniscule bonuses, salary-freezes, layoffs, snippy partners, boring work (if you’re lucky enough to even have any work). But what makes things even worse are the incessant, sophomoric, sexual comments on this blog! Guys, can’t you think of something better to say than “Poo-say?” Can’t you make a more nuanced point about male/female relationships than “Lawyers …

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