Kathleen Kane's PA Pileup: Porn, Penn State, Porous Grand Juries, and Possible Charges

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) appears headed for a bad year after having endured a pretty tough 2014. A leak from an investigative grand jury investigating a grand jury leak (yes, that’s right) says the jury has recommended criminal charges against Kane. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, which cited unnamed sources, the investigative grand jury authorized by former Pennsylvania …

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Pennsylvania Porn, State Supreme Court Edition

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You have reached the pinnacle of lawyerly success. You convinced enough voters that you had the experience, the intelligence and the integrity to serve on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. You hear that Chief Justice Ronald Castille – your boss – just received a treasure trove of pornographic emails sent to and from high-level attorneys and investigators formerly in the Pennsylvania …

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Five Song Parodies Just For Lawyers

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Just kidding. It’s six. But who’s counting? Not lawyers. That’s why you go to law school right? No math classes.  Anywho, we here at Bitter Lawyer love us some song parodies. And this week we countdown six of the best from around the web… or at least YouTube. 1. Overwhelmed at law school? This one’s for you: “Law School” (Payphone – …

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Texas Law Hawk: A Lawyer You Can Trust

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He is a man with a vision. An unhinged, insane vision for protecting your rights Texas Law Hawk style. Bryan Wilson TEXAS LAW HAWK by e-mob With his talons of justice extended, the Law Hawk will protect you from getting arrested in a dinosaur costume by a shadowy, smoking police officer. His other interests include smashing tree branches, kicking things …

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5 Ridiculous Law Firm Commercials

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When looking for a lawyer to represent you, what do you look for? 1. If you answered: a white middle-aged rapper, with chauvinistic overtones, then this guy is for you. 2. Or perhaps you really need a singing squirrel to feel like you’re adequately represented? Well, we found one of those, too. 3. No! You need a lawyer who identifies with Tom Cruise …

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