Mark Lindquist: The 'Brat Pack' Prosecutor

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 14 Comments

An intriguing bilaterality of artist and attorney, most know Mark Lindquist as either a critically acclaimed author or a well-respected prosecutor. Although, some only know of him as one of People Magazine’s “100 Most Eligible Bachelors.” (Image here.) The converse of a Bitter Lawyer, Mark Lindquist’s early life as a writer in Los Angeles propelled him into practicing law in …

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Gerald Posner: Unveil Miami’s Underworld

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 11 Comments

[Ed. Note: Back in June, we interviewed former Cravath associate Gerald Posner. Like a lot of former lawyers, Posner left the BigLaw “sweat shop” and became a journalist and author. Posner’s fearless quest to take on controversial topics—from writing what many call the definitive book on the JFK assassination, for which he became a Pulitzer Prize-finalist, to tracking down former …

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Len Elmore: NBA, Harvard, D.A. & Dreier

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 27 Comments

Len Elmore has seen a little bit of everything in the law. A three-time All-ACC college basketball star at Maryland and ten-year pro player in the NBA and the ABA, Elmore went to law school when he hung up his high tops in 1984. In the years that followed, Elmore worked for the Brooklyn District Attorney, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Dreier LLP …

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Niki Burnham: Sex, Love, Red Sox & Romance

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 15 Comments

[Ed. Note: The one book that always gets judged by its cover is a romance novel. Chick lit, usually in the form of grocery store guilty pleasures, is a major industry. And behind each titillating title is an author. One of the most prolific in the field is former lawyer Niki Burnham. Over the years, Burnham has published a dozen …

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Val Ackerman: The WNBA’s Driving Force

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 32 Comments

[Ed. Note: Valerie Ackerman is a trailblazer in women’s professional sports. Best known for her 10-year post as the founding President of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), she helped launch one of the world’s few premiere female professional sports leagues that continues to develop today. But before helming the league, Ackerman was an attorney and an executive at the …

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Jeff Marx: JD to Avenue Q

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 30 Comments

[Ed. Note: The internet really is all about porn. That may not sound like a huge revelation, but for Jeff Marx, the lawyer-turned-composer behind the hit Broadway musical Avenue Q, it was an epiphany that changed his life. Marx was a practicing attorney who traded in his bar card for a Tony Award—and he gave Bitter Lawyer the inside story …

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