Bitter Lawyer Loves Elizabeth Wurtzel – Part 2

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[Ed. Note: This is Part 2 of our interview with Elizabeth Wurtzel. Check out our Part 1 interview from yesterday where the Prozac Nation author talks about what inspired her to go to law school, her current job working for David Boies on the Proposition 8 case, and the embarrassment she feels when women “opt out” of their law careers. …

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Bitter Lawyer Loves Elizabeth Wurtzel – Part 1

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[Ed. Note: The Internet has a strange fascination with Prozac Nation and Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women author Elizabeth Wurtzel. Online coverage of the writer-turned-lawyer on sites ranging from Above The Law (here, here and here) to Gawker (here, here and here) generally involves bloggers and readers being peculiarly delighted when Wurtzel stumbles and oddly enraged when she succeeds. …

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David Feige: Raising the Bar

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 22 Comments

[Ed. Note: There’s no shortage of lawyers writing scripts in Hollywood. (We’ve previously interviewed several of them here, here and here.) But few are former public defenders who are telling the story of the underdog—the overworked, underpaid criminal defense attorney who takes on clients too poor to hire a “real lawyer.” That’s the job of David Feige, creator of TNT’s …

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Gerald Posner: Cravath to Controversy

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 19 Comments

[Ed. Note: With ten books under his belt and an eleventh on the way, Pulitzer Prize-finalist Gerald Posner isn’t your average lawyer-turned-author. He’s an investigative journalist with a nose for Nazis, organized crime, drugs, and mass murder. And where others simply find the headline, Posner, a former Cravath associate, is known for locating the meat of the story. Bitter Lawyer …

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Stephan Pastis: Rat, Pig, Lawyer

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 15 Comments

For those who read the funny pages, the name Stephan Pastis should sound familiar. A former lawyer, Pastis is the cartoonist behind Pearls Before Swine, a critically acclaimed comic strip syndicated in more than five hundred U.S. newspapers. The National Cartoonists Society awarded it the Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 2003 and 2006. We recently chatted with the self-described “goofball” …

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Brian Koppelman: The Screenwriter Experience

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 11 Comments

Like other lawyer-scribes Bitter Lawyer has interviewed, Brian Koppelman is an example of someone who’s taken a JD and spun it into Hollywood success. Koppelman, who’s screenwriting credits include Rounders, Walking Tall, Ocean’s Thirteen, Runaway Jury and the ESPN television series Tilt, most recently caught our eye with his latest project, The Girlfriend Experience. The Steven Soderbergh-directed film stars porn …

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Jay Bilas: ESPN Analyst & Esq.

Bitter Success Interviews, Lawyer 20 Comments

Name and current title? Jay Bilas, Of Counsel, Moore and Van Allen, PLLC and college basketball analyst for ESPN. Where did you go to Law School? Duke Law School, JD, 1992. Practice area? Commercial Litigation. What is a typical day in the life of a college basketball analyst? Is it as fun as it seems? It certainly beats working for …

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