I’m Sickened By the Idea of Practicing Law and Want to be an Actor Instead

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QI’m a 3L at a top 20 law school. I have a job lined up at a mid-size litigation firm in San Francisco. But I hate the law. The idea of working in a structured office environment makes me sick to my stomach. I know this sounds lame, but I want to be an actor. This will sound even lamer, but I’m actually considered …

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I’m Worried I Don’t Have Enough Competitive Drive for Law

Ex-Bitter Columns, Lawyer 19 Comments

Dear Ex-Bitter, After reading your website and working as an intern at my city’s district attorney office, I’m questioning my decision to attend law school in the fall.  It seems that lawyers have to be very competitive… People on your website worry about grades [here], facial hair [here], hairstyles [here], tattoos [here]—all just to get ahead of their peers.  Even …

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I Hate Being a Prosecutor, but I’m so Damn Good at It

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QI graduated from a tier-1 school in 2003.  I spent the entire three years of law school fighting with my (now ex-) wife, and my grades suffered for it.  I finished in the middle of my class with a 2.75. Though I concentrated heavily on international law classes, I simply did not have the GPA to get one of those …

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