Is the Doctrine of Adverse Possession Making a Comeback?

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Adverse possession was one of the only real property subjects I could tolerate. But every time I read a case, I just could not help but wonder, “who actually would leave their house?” Enter the Housing Crisis of 2008, and homes became the proverbial hot potato with people trying to pass the keys. Enter Kenneth Robinson, a man who purchased …

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Celebs and Prenups

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Love will conquer all … well, everything except a good divorce attorney. Hollywood marriages are as fleeting as the season’s fashion trends. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people prior to marriage where various terms including property distribution and spousal support are spelled out if the marriage ends in divorce. Prenups are often touted as “unromantic”—but then again, …

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Torts! With a Pole Dancer, a Wedding Tent & a Busted Bride

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[Ed. Note: The following is again from Gianna Scatchell, the blogger behind] Listen up, single ladies in law-law land, wedding season is fast approaching, and here’s your wake-up call.  As the current recipient of five—count ‘um five—nuptial invitations between June and August, the pressure is on.  As a result, I’ve been busting ass at the gym (thank God bikini …

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Dumped on Facebook; When Your Breakup Goes Law Firm Viral

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[Ed. Note: The following is again from Gianna Scatchell, the blogger behind] In this modern technology age, the new normal is to live a version of your life online.  But in doing so, you’re forced to digitally declare your personal relationships—romantic or otherwise. Will you be my Friend?  Who do you follow?  Who follows you?  OMG, we’re on the …

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