Declining Representation Letters

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Lawyerist tells me I am to send out Declining Representation letters to potential clients I do not retain. I guess it makes sense and often can explain what options a person might have while still remaining on good terms with people. However, every so often you get that special potential client. We have all had this person. They watched half of …

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Lawyers Discover Clients Always Right. Always!

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In a rather embarrassing admission, attorney Mark Klein has stated his clients are “always right.” It is a shocking statement to most lawyers. “I always thought clients were just mistaken when they said ‘my case is a clear cut winner,’ but, as it almost always turns out, they are correct,” stated the Sacramento solicitor. Klein states he has become a …

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Donut Derelicts' Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Fails

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Police received a call this week from a Utah couple that claimed they found razor blades in their doughnuts. (ATTN: Personal Injury Attorneys). However, after an investigation, police have determined that the couple, Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman and Michael Condor, actually placed the razor blades in the pastries themselves before ingesting the pastries. (ATTN: Prosecutor’s Office).

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