Date Goes Wrong When Woman Robbed

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We all have a story about an awkward first date, but a recent news report out of Wildomar, California cerainly trumps  running out of things to talk about at a coffee shop. According to KESQ in California Terry Michael Fine took a woman out on a date and then things got weird.  Although the report does not discuss specifics of the …

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Johnson Gets Reprieve From 30 Day Sentence for Excessive Celebration

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Chad Johnson Proves once again that touchdown celebrations were just the beginning of his legacy for antics on and off of the football field.  According to Sporting News, the former NFL Wide Receiver was set to settle a plea deal last Monday when things took an unfortunate turn.  While the judge was discussing the deal the Judge asked Johnson about …

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Where's Waldo? (When Ferrets Go Wild)

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Another woman missed her court date this week.  According to Action News 41 in Independence, MO Carrie Waldo did not show up to her court appointment for child endangerment charges last Monday.  This is not news in and of itself. Many bad mothers and fathers miss such dates.  It is part of what makes them such bad parents. Although there is …

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