Pippa Middleton, Thank You For Restoring My Will to Live

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Eleven months have passed since my last post, which is more than enough time for a funny, attractive, intelligent, and sometimes-sexy girl to meet and successfully seduce a potential husband. Yet I’m certain that no one envisions a brand new three-carat ring twinkling on my left hand as I type this post. So it’s no surprise, then, that I’m still …

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The Strangled Cries of Lawyers in Love

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I’ll be blunt: Dating a fellow lawyer—especially one from the same firm—is an epically bad idea. I understand the time-honored “don’t shit where you eat” principle. But that’s not the precise problem I’m having. Let’s rewind to only a few short weeks ago. On a cold, snowy night in January, I silenced my anxious pessimism, swallowed my doubtful resolve and allowed myself …

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Dramedy of Broken Dreams

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I’ve noticed that guys tend to assume that any woman who acts neurotic and bitches about things is plagued with a lack of sex.  Sorry, fellas.  Not so.  I’m almost a month into a satisfying (on all counts) relationship—and yet, in the unhappiness department, my cup still runneth over. You know the saying, “Nature abhors a vacuum?” That’s precisely it.  …

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