Time is the Enemy

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I just read somewhere that associates at some New York firm were ecstatic that, despite the economy, they are still going to receive their “special bonuses” if they were “exceptional” and billed 2400 hours this year.  And I can’t help wonder: Do they think they’re immortal? In case they haven’t noticed, time is the enemy.  Time disappears faster than the …

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Dri-FIT, Merrell & Belichick, LLP

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Business casual was intended to be a good thing, right? It was supposed to make stuffy male lawyers hip and stylish; give them the sartorial freedom of artists, advertising execs and entrepreneurs.  But sadly, all it did was open the door for them to reveal what dorks they really are—and make female associates yearn for the days when they wore …

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Erin Andrews, Esq.

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Why is it that female lawyers feel the need to dress like asexual, feminist monks?  Seriously, what are we so afraid of, ladies?  Having men think we’re actually women? Erin Andrews (and the masturbatory outbursts she provokes in 8.5 out of 10 heterosexual male sports fans) is perhaps the best example of the unique power a (reasonably) stylish, non-overweight, attractive …

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