Florida Man Seeks Pardon Based on Ted Cruz Defense

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A Florida man has attracted an empathetic ally in his fight for his freedom. Ted Cruz reportedly asked President Obama to pardon a Florida man, Gary Jones, who was convicted for murder in 2002. Jones has just lost his last appeal this week and Senator Cruz is very eager to “end this flagrant miscarriage of justice”  said his top aide. …

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Zealous Advocacy: Five Types of Advocates and How it Can all go Terribly Wrong

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I can hear my law professor screaming about that title right now. She hated the term ‘zealous advocacy.’ As an attorney in training, I only had some very vague idea of why ‘zealous advocacy’ might not be the best possible term. The preamble to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MPR) does mention zealous advocacy. However, the rules themselves only …

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Zimmerman & Anthony: Juries are Actually Pretty Good at What They Do

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Make your story very simple! Don’t confuse the jury! We repeat these mantras over and over again. To our colleagues, we say things like “Well, yeah, but do you think a jury would understand that?” The trial attorney is constantly worrying that the poor uneducated peons on his or her jury just won’t understand his or her brilliant argument. “The …

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Bully Porn Addict Sues Apple

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Don’t get me wrong, I generally applaud anyone suing Apple. I think they are pushing intellectual property law to the point where it limits healthy competition and will eventually destroy America’s competitive edge. (And, hey, republicans if you are looking to get more youth in your ranks, this might be a good issue for you. You are supposed to support …

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How to Land 10 Year Old Sally in Jail for Chalking

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In San Diego, California a man is on trial for writing on the sidewalk with chalk. Apparently, he was writing such clever and inflammatory things as “No Thanks, Big Banks” and “Shame on Bank of America” on public sidewalks outside a few Bank of America branches in San Diego. You might wonder how something like this could ever possibly get …

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