The Lawyers Who Rule the Masters and Augusta National

Mark Thudium Columns, Lawyer 3 Comments

While everyone’s eyes are on a Bootyistic Tiger Woods this year, it’s safe to say that the esteemed, 77-year-old Masters tournament is propped up and made possible by a lot of powerful and entrepreneurial lawyers, both living and dead.  These men are some of the most influential lawyers in the world, and together they operate and/or are members of one …

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The Top Five Sports Agents Who Are Lawyers

Mark Thudium Columns, Lawyer 13 Comments

A lot of what America knows about sports agents it learned from Jerry Maguire.  As in, “It’s not show friends, it’s show business.” And “show me the money.” But did you know that “Dicky Fox,” Jerry’s mentor and imparts wisdom throughout the movie, wasn’t played by an actor at all?  His real name is Jared Jussim, and he’s the actual …

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