Is Irvine the New Harvard?

Michael Estrin Lawyer, News & Views 21 Comments

America doesn’t need another law school. Period. But that isn’t stopping Erwin Chemerinsky (known to Bar/Bri students as the whiny ConLaw guru) from reinventing the JD in a bold attempt to rank the yet-to-launch University of California, Irvine Law School among the nation’s elite. If it works, Chemerinsky will be heralded as a genius for achieving the impossible; but if …

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From Proskauer to Popsquire

Michael Estrin Columns, Lawyer 16 Comments

Hollywood Or Bust: Why a Proskauer Alum Took a Flying Leap There’s something revolting about watching a “legal expert” boil down the sum of your professional knowledge into a catchy sound bite. Even a hopeless 1L can handle the issue spotting required for television punditry. Which is exactly what you tell your friends when they mention a guy like Russell …

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Twenty Bitter Ends of 2008

Michael Estrin Columns, Lawyer 4 Comments

Bitter years come and go, but 2008 was one for the record books. Here are the moments and personalities that made 2008 a wonderfully bitter year to remember. 1.  Bitter Bump & Grind Illinois lawyer Scott Robert Erwin’s decision to cut his legal fees for a stripper in exchange for nude dances cost him a 15-month suspension. But we’re pretty …

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Six Reasons to Love Tom Cruise

Michael Estrin Columns, Lawyer 2 Comments

Six Reasons Bitter Lawyers Should Love Tom Cruise: In lean times, Tom Cruise may be the Top Gun client the legal profession needs most. He’s rich. He’s litigious. And he’s fearless when it comes to taking on his enemies, which is why lawyers should be falling all over themselves to get that couch-jumping thespian anything he damn well pleases. Or, …

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