Falling Out of Love With the SmallLaw Antichrist

Mr. 162 Columns, Lawyer 9 Comments

It’s sort of amazing what qualifies you to receive praise in law.  I’ve realized it’s more of an individual sport than an actual profession.  When you’re a newly installed BigFirm drone, you believe words like “partnership” and “teamwork” mean something.  What a fraud that is.  It’s never about building camaraderie, it’s about the kill.  This is a realization I assume …

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The Overrated Lifestyle of L.A. Law

Mr. 162 Columns, Lawyer 25 Comments

Los Angeles is an awful place to be a lawyer.  On Friday night, I was hanging out with a friend who works in the entertainment industry—a great guy with more natural good looks and people skills than anyone I’ve ever met.  Not slimy politician people skills either.  I’m talking legit dynamic social skills with a head of hair like Hugh …

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My Dashboard Confessional

Mr. 162 Columns, Lawyer 13 Comments

Call it karma.  I buy a new (slightly used) car and it has a squeak.  Nothing major.  Just a tiny little squeak coming from behind the dashboard.  Just a little peep to remind me that this car is, in fact, not new.  New cars do not have squeaks coming from behind the dashboard.  True: It is a 2008 Mercedes Benz.  …

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The Legend of Mr. 162

Mr. 162 Columns, Lawyer 18 Comments

I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for years. Can’t remember when it started, but if you would have given me an aptitude test in grade school, “lawyer” would have come up top 5. I’ve always argued dispassionately and felt more confident arguing a position than talking about what I believe.  But perhaps some of my aptitude and disposition towards the …

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