Italian Men in Pantless Protest: That'll Show 'Em

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Reuters UK reports that five Italian businessmen staged a protest outside the Italian parliament yesterday, arguing for the abolition of tax debt collection agency Equitalia. You may ask yourself, why is one of the biggest news agencies in the world covering a few Italian dudes’ hissyfit over paying back taxes? Well, the answer is the same one you’ll get to …

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Virginia Updates Bar Exam Dress Code to "Hipster Fabulous"

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The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners have enforced a strict dress code of “proper business attire” for applicants during test-taking, much to the chagrin of recent law-school grads used to taking exams in pajama pants and ratty sweatshirts. After years of criticism, the Board of Bar Examiners for the Commonwealth of Virginia has finally relented to pressure and will be …

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Study for the Bar Exam the Right Way with this Never-Fail Color-Coded Highlighting System

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Preparing for the Bar Exam requires you to process and compartmentalize a massive amount of information such that it’s primed in your brain for quick and accurate recall. Using a color-coded highlighting system is an easy and effective way to categorize and sort the deluge of facts in your bar review materials. As a bonus, changing marker caps will help …

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