Back to the Future

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A small town in Vermont has repealed its 32-year ban against fortune telling.  While soothsaying is prohibited in some communities across the country —mainly because tarot card reading, clairvoyance, and other attempts to predict the future are thought to be fraudulent—St. Johnsbury has decided to re-allow such activities for profit.

“When the ordinance was lifted, I actually felt a large weight lifting from my shoulders,” said Maria Pawlowski, a local tarot card reader. “It was very oppressive to have to refrain from something that was as natural to me as breathing.”

St. Johnsbury lifted its ban in July at the urging of psychotherapist Jean O’Neal, who said the law outlawed her practice of feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing one’s environment for health and financial benefits.  Now permitted to practice feng shui, she has also opened her space to Pawlowski to offer card readings.

When reached by Bitter Lawyer for comment about their plans for the immediate future, O’Neal said she had “no clue.” Pawlowski, on the other hand, firmly stated, “I just plan to stay in the present.  Live in the moment.  Day by day, minute by minute.” [AOL News]

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