Christian Bale: Batman Denies Assault

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Media everywhere are reporting that Christian Bale, recently accused by his sister and his 61-year-old mom, a former circus clown, of roughing them up in a London hotel on the eve of the “Dark Knight“‘s European premiere, is now officially denying the accusations.

Legal commentators worldwide understand why Bale would issue a fervent denial of the charges, but they have delicately pointed out that, typically, mothers don’t lie to police about getting beat up by one of their kids. Especially when the mother is in town to support the kid’s big movie premiere. And is 61 years old. And is a clown.

That said, pundits have noted that Bale may just be following the lead of the so-British-it-hurts Bobbies running the case, who “delayed questioning Bale for a day to avoid disrupting the opening of the box-office blockbuster,” according to police sources. “It would have been wrong to wreck the premiere over a complaint which we do not yet know is founded in truth,” the source said. Really? Isn’t that sort of one of the principal tenets of police work—to investigate complaints to figure out if they’re founded in truth? Before someone gets, you know, killed? Regardless of whether or not the alleged perpetrator happens to be playing the new Batman?

Sources close to the case have noted, however, one small silver lining for Bale in all this: The Heath-Ledger-is-getting-more-publicity-for-this-movie-than-I-am problem is no longer on the table. [NY Post]

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