5 Reasons Why Being a Lawyer is Really Not as Cool as I Thought

M Walter Bitter by Numbers, Lawyer

1 Being a public defender is not as noble as you thought. So, you are going to be a public defender, eh? You are going to help the down and out? Your clients will come to your office, you will serve them coffee and you will rationally and logically explain to them their legal options. They will decide which path they want to take and you will represent them. They will shake your hand and thank you for helping them. LOL, you silly.

First off, your client will almost certainly never ever tell you the truth. So, this idea that they will communicate important facts to you is just pure fantasy. Secondly, your client is on drugs. So, instead of having a rational and calm discussion about the case, your client will scream and threaten you and then ask you for a hug. All in the same day. And of course when they threaten you and call you various colorful names, you can’t say “fuck you” and never talk to them again like you would with almost any other human being in the world. Instead, you will have to go home and work on their case, so you can represent them to the best of your abilities. Then you will come to work the next day and start the cycle of hugs and threats all over again.

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