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Whether you come to Bitter Lawyer to get bad career advice or to see if a lawyer is doing worse than you, we likely have what you are looking for. Since we started things back up in April we’ve added more than 126,000 posts, 65,724 videos, and more new comics than we can count. Here are the topsellers from all 356,603* posts, videos, podcasts, or comics that we threw at you in 2011.

Analytics Award

The year’s five most viewed posts, videos, or comics, as commanded by Google Analytics:

  1. Deposition Re: Katy Perry’s Whereabouts Last Friday Night
  2. I Need a Drink (While Studying)
  3. Why I Deleted My Facebook Account
  4. Pippa Middleton, Thank You For Restoring My Will to Live
  5. The Bottom Rung – Episode 1

Editors’ Choice Award

Content that we plain out hearted—but for some reason it didn’t go viral:

  1. A 1L’s Guide to Highlighter Colors
  2. World’s Greatest Temp
  3. The Declining Value of a Midlevel Associate
  4. Five Signs You’ve Become an Old Codger Lawyer

Best Advice Ever Given in the History of the Entire Planet

If you came here to learn something, these may not have actually helped:

  1. Responding to a Form Cover Letter
  2. Nix the Crappy Cover Letter, Let’s Talk Kickbacks
  3. Friends Don’t Let Friends Give Them Legal Advice
  4. I Have a Case of Crabs
  5. Bitter Brief 5: Bar Exam Edition, Plus Lawyers in Pop Culture

That Burning Feeling That Won’t Go Away

The three posts or videos that continue to drag in the viewers, even after a couple of years:

  1. Typo: LIVING the DREAM, Webisode 3
  2. The Ten Students You Meet in Law School
  3. 11 Famous Law School Dropouts

If All Else Fails, Quit Law School and Actually Make More Money

Best content by a current law student:

  1. A Realistic Lawyering Video Game
  2. Ten Telltale Signs It’s Law School Finals Time

Throw the Linkbait Out, You May Catch Something

When we rip off curate existing content and spit it back at you:

  1. Our 5 Favorite Lawyer Videos on YouTube
  2. Five Godawful YouTube Video Depositions

Obviously, with more than 356,603* posts, comics, or videos, we’ve got a lot to chew on. So, dig into our archives, follow one of our columnists, or check out our growing video library. We hope to see you back again in the new year. Actually, we’d love to see you again tomorrow.

*Counts are approximate and may not represent your reality. Photo background is from Shutterstock

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  • Ellen

    You should have some posts about the most interesting commentator’s you have. Now that would be SOME THING! FOOEY on men that do not respect women! FOOEY!

  • Alan T.

    Not a bad idea. Not that you would make the cut, but there is a trolling culture thriving here on Bitter Lawyer.