Big Love Isn’t for Everyone

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A Pennsylvania woman, Myra Morton, has just been sentenced to 20 years in prison for fatally shooting her bigamist husband just hours before he was due to hop on a plane to Morocco to go visit his other wife. The Mortons, married 25 years, had converted to Islam about 20 years ago, and “in keeping with Muslim custom, [Morton] traveled to Morocco to bless her husband’s March 2007 second marriage to 37-year-old Zahra Toural, who [he] met on the Internet.” Authorities have explained, however, that Morton grew increasingly “upset” about her husband’s marriage to the younger Muslim woman and his plans to have children with her, clarifying that “Morton grew to resent the arrangement, at least in part because her husband was sending Toural $3,000 a month.”

We know, we know—we didn’t believe it either. Who could have predicted that a woman might actually grow to resent an arrangement whereby her husband sends thousands of dollars to—and travels halfway around the world to have sex with—a younger woman who he met on the Internet? Go know.  [CNN]

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  • anony

    Does “Go know” mean “Go figure”?